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I love public speaking and leading workshops. If you'd like to talk about my doing that with your organization, send me an email and we'll cook up something awesome. 

I've been around the block a few times. And once more for kicks. 

If this were a traditional CV, I'd tell you that my professional life started in marketing, way back when the Internet was populated mostly by porn, and people didn't believe e-commerce would be a thing. Then I veered into writing and editing, because I had a baby, and all those connections from marketing and PR. That turned into a couple of startups that were before their time:  the first focused on social justice and good news, the next focused on healthy human sexuality. 

At the core of all of those things is story-telling, and a deep belief that empowered and happy people can save the world. All of which makes my current life make sense. 

Currently, my husband and I live in Seattle where we own a small, neighborhood gym called Rocket Community Fitness. Rocket's fight for inclusivity in fitness jettisoned me to the intersection of social justice and fitness. 

It started unintentionally, when I picked a wee-bit of a fight with CrossFit for their policy banning trans athletes from competition. That "fight" led not only to the CEO calling me "the conscience of CrossFit," but to CrossFit changing their policy and becoming a leader in LGBTQ inclusivity in sports. 


I now spend much of my time on the road, speaking at events, or working with gym-owners and coaches on how to be truly inclusive. The struggle now isn't just about queer inclusion, but creating a fitness industry that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, races and religions, gender and abilities. 

Currently my writing, speaking and coaching all focuses on that intersection of social justice and fitness. Because all these years later, I still

believe that empowered and happy people can save the world, and I'm going to help make that happen. 

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