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Recipe: Oat Bars

For those of you following along with my attempt to make a sort of oat/ fruit / nut / power bar type of thing, I think I’ve done it.

The background – I forget to eat. I dont’ meant to, but I do, so I needed something super healthful and filling with fiber and protein and carbs and fat that would get me through. I do not like to eat chemicals and preservatives that I can’t pronounce, nor do I like to pay a jillion dollars for something that isn’t what I want anyway.  Thus, my quest to make my own.

Here ya go:

1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup nut butter (i used almond butter, anything will work) 1/2 cup-ish honey (RAW!) juice of 1 big lemon whatever spices etc you want – I liked vanilla, nutmeg and cumin, but I’m weird.

melt all this together over low heat so you’re not cooking it, just making it into sticky goo.

while it’s melting, throw the following things into a big bowl:

raw oats or multigrain mix (i didn’t measure, about 1/3 – 1/2 of a kitchen aid mixing bowl) coconut flour (a cup or so) whatever dried fruit you like – i grooved on LOTS of dried cherries, blueberries, bananas & cranberries whatever chopped nuts you like

now, pour the goo over the dry stuff and let your kitchen aid to the hard work of getting it all mixed up.   if it’s not wet and goopy enough, add more melted butter, nut butter, lemon juice until it is…  it should not be crumbly.

when it’s unmanageably goopy,  plop it into a cake pan that you have lined with saran wrap. smoosh it all in flat, put a layer of saran on top, smoosh some more. let it chill for a day and then cut it into bar sized pieces, wrap them and keep them in your fridge.

these things are awesome…..  (i still have to remember to eat them.)


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